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   Apr 08

Ladies….are you looking????

When you least expect it, when you are not looking and when you have given up, then your man finds you!

Have you ever wondered if there is a recipe to find Mr. Right? You might have just read it!

I also have another theory:

We all have things about us that we need to fix, to work on, and to improve.

But you know what?  I believe the man who will be the right one, will love the part that needs to be fixed.

And this is how you know you found Mr. Right.

Let me tell you about a dear friend I meet about 3 years ago. We used to work together at my previous job.  Beautiful with big blue eyes and a promising smile, she has brown, rich wavy hair against a thin silhouette. She has a nice sense of humor and loves cats. Although she was born in England, she has traveled extensively and has lived in many countries before settling in Cyprus, our beautiful island. I am not quite sure how old she is but I think she is late 40’s. Single and never had any children.

A few months ago, I received an email from her that she met this wonderful man and is now engaged to be married. I was at first shocked and worried for her.  Most of us believe and expect that marriage should happen at an early age.  As we age, we become more comfortable with our habits, our thoughts and our routines.  We are, after all, creatures of habit.

However, thinking about this, and of my own experience, despite the habits we develop, as long as we have the Will to love someone, to be worthy of that love, and for someone to love us in return, many barriers, habits and routines can be overcome.  There is no better time than now for her – for the greatest power in human nature is the will. Where there is a will there is also the way. I strongly believe that!!

And the impulse to write about this incident today was the wedding invitation I received from my dear friend. I would like share it with you.

“Love fills a lifetime and a lifetime begins this hour, as we begin our new life together. Come celebrate with us as we exchange marriage vows on the island where the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, once came ashore.”


All I want now, is to wish her a happy life and to also send an optimistic message to all my single girlfriends who are searching for their partner in life:

It is never too late.

Even if you are not single but already married, perhaps in a miserable marriage, there is always hope for a new life!

For Another Life!!!

If you love life and yourself, anything is possible!


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  1. James says:

    Good article sweetheart – you’re right, because I did fall in love with you for many of the things you wanted to change about yourself – for I found them to be cute, and although you may have found some of them awkward and embarrassing at times, those things are what made you uniquely “you”. xxx

  2. Princess P says:

    A big THANK YOU! to my dear kind friend, Lil D, for writing about my story. Yes, I am the lucky princess in the photo that is living my fairytale dream of meeting my knight in shining armour, even though he is living 2,000 miles away! It’s never too late to find a gentle, kind, loving man, willing to take a risk and give up so much to be with his sweetheart and relocate to an island unknown to him. HE is your soul-mate! Take it from me, what seems like an impossible dream, really CAN come true! ….and ‘they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER’ doesn’t have to just be for fairytales! There are still some good men out there after all!

    • Domenica says:

      Dear Princess P, so glad to make you happy. So happy for you and let me wish you one more time, A happy Life with Mr. Right!!! hehehe xxxxx

  3. Stella says:

    Thank you my dear Domenica and Princess P. You make me feel better and full of positive thoughts. I was sure that there isn’t such a thing as Mr. Right and this kind of men are only living in fairytales but when I read your article I reviewed. THANK YOU for keeping the hope alive…!!! 🙂

    • Domenica says:

      My little Stella, with love anything is possible, remember that! To all questions, love is the answer!!!! xxxxx

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