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   Apr 06


Have you ever thought how cruel can be the day after Holidays? The day back to work? It is like someone is working out there to ruin your days after having some Holiday Time. I have said it this morning…I said….”Better never have holiday time again to avoid this horrible morning that I must get up at 6am … and my body begs me to go back to bed”…Yeah, yeah, you can laugh and make jokes but that moment, that morning after Holiday time, when you must get up at 6am instead of 9am, it certainly doesn’t feel good at all. Miserable is the word? Voices are calling you…”wake up”…..”is time…to go back to jail”….”wake up, you won’t make it to work on time”…..And all you want is to jump in bed again and just let yourself fall in dreamland, with the sweet warm feeling of security and freedom a bed can provide, always!!!! Mmmmmmm what a feeling!!!!

But you need to remember it can get better….after a shower! Thank God water have the ability to wake you up and make you feel refreshed even a little bit in case you feel so sleepy and tired.

And there is the power of coffee, oh yeah!!! Thank God for coffee and more coffee!!! It helps, even thought at any time you are ready to just go back to bed!!! You are so close to just go back to bed even when you are dressed up and ready to leave for work.

Have you seen Avatar? That’s where I would like to be today! Instead going to work, I would get into that machine, close my eyes and wake up blue and tall.

Really tall!

And the best time of my day will be with my Ikran. Flying and screaming out of joy. Me and my Ikran we will have only one job to do. Our work will be enjoying life! Wooohoooo

Mondays, or the day after Holiday!

A day you pay for it, a day you pay for having enjoyed some freedom and extra sleep. They say in our days we better have routines and stick to it as they help us have control over things. They help us keep moving ahead. Ask a child, what do you want to do? Play or work? Pain or pleasure? But then again do you need to ask a child? Ask anyone!!!

Well, my dear friends I hope you found a secret recipe to this torture and if you do, please share with me, as I love Holidays but I need to work!


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  1. James says:

    Nice agapi mou – I agree with with you completely on this!

  2. Eleni Little Fairy says:

    Agapimeni mou Neraidofilenada tha simfwnisw mazi sou gia to martyrio tis Defteras an kai egw den exw afto to martyrio afti ti fetini xronia! Ksanarwta me omws ton Septemvri kai tha sou apantisw me kati analogo:)
    Oso gia to Avatar eimai afti ti stigmi dipla sou! Me vlepeis?? Pisw apo ekeino to vouno…opou nanai tha me deis….! Geia sou filenadaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Prosexe prosexe ths sigkroustoumeeeeee!!! Mpa oxi! Emeis oi dio pote! Eleftheria myrizei! Katharo aeraki sto proswpo, oles oi egnoies makria, vouties sto keno kai pali psila ston ourano! Mono afto exei anaggi o anthrwpos! Eleftheria! Na mporei na anapneei oksigono kai na vlepei poso iperoxi einai i zoi me i xwris ta provlimata tis! Ligoi anthrwpoi kseroun na tin zoun kai na tin apolamvanoun kai eftixws pou eimaste se afti tin katigoria anthrwpwn! Kseroume na zisoume kseroume na glentisoume kseroume na anapnevsoume!
    Latrwvw to selida sou filenada mou kai sigxwra me an eimai ligo skouriasmeni sto grapsimo mou gia prwti fora! Tha vgalw ta swpsixa mou opws ksereis oti poli kala kanw me tin prwti efkairia!
    Pragmatika einai afto pou itheles kai to grapsimo sou einai katapliktiko…akoma kai an den grafeis stin mitriki sou glwssa! Einai apistefto olo afto poy exeis sto mialo sou kai pou mporeis na to apotipwneis sta grapta sou:)
    Sinexise giati tha exw kati wraio na diavazw e?
    Apw seeeeeeeee!!!!xxxxxxx

    • Domenica says:

      Eleni mou monadiki, exeretiki Eleniiii!!!! Haritto kai efhome i zoe na mou dini panta empnevsi!!! Apose filenada mou xxxxx

  3. Ladybird says:

    i am not so much into words.. but i have to say.. great!! just great!!! looking forward to reading your next piece.. i know that besides us that enjoy reading your stuff.. the ultimate pleasure is yours when you manage to pull out everything that draws you back.. the best mind therapy.. keep up the good work..

    • Domenica says:

      Thank you Ladybird! It is true, best mind therapy but the best part is the sharing part! *smiles*

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  5. Allison Ortwein says:

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