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   Apr 13

Our Friends for a Reason, a Season and a Lifetime


It is said that love is blind but friendships are easily seen.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. As we grow and become wiser, we are able to recognize which category people fall into, how to handle them and what part of us do we share with them.    

Friends for a Season 

Early in my life, I had many friends.  I had the impression that having more friends meant that it would make me happier. 

But I was wrong… 

Through time and experience, many people whom we call friends tend to always take more than they return.  Although I am a giver, I would be the first to admit, that I need to receive something in return for my efforts.  

So after a while, looking at all my friends in my mobile, I realized that there is a difference between friends and the people I know. 

Most relationships should be an even exchange: 50-50.  (The only exception would be the very special relationship shared between parents and children.  Particularly on mothers’ behalf because it is has its own rewards.)  So what did it mean then, when I received little or next to nothing from the many that I knew – but was met at least half-way (or even more than that at times) from very few that I knew – so few, that I could count them on one hand. 

The difference was that those who gave in return, were my friends.  The other people were just people I knew.  For friends are few, and people that I know, are many.  

Friends for a Season are the people you know for a specific amount of time; either if they leave our lives a sweet memory or a bitter one.  No matter how long they are in our lives, they fill up some page of our life book with some nice memories to remember. I found myself remembering in the years past,  very small incidents from one of those ‘season’ buddies that put a smile on my face – but that was it.   They were only friends for a season, for a little time in my life.  

Friends for a Reason

Friends for a Reason usually come into our lives for a special purpose, either they gain something from them, or they gain something from us.  Perhaps they have come to provide us with guidance and support, and to help us spiritually.  Sometimes, they may seem even seem like  guardian angels as they appear to us in the time we need them, even if we don’t realize it at the time.  *smiles*.  Not only will they appear that the right moment, but they also let us know, not to look at the door that has been closed – but to look to the one that is opening.  

For whatever time we have these friends in our lives, and wherever the road takes them and us, these friends help fulfill a desire until we’re ready to move on.  Like a prayer you asked to be answered, these friends come along and give us something to help us along.  Keep those memory of those friends as a trophy in your heart.  

 Friends for a Lifetime

Lifetime friends are about love, family, sharing, trust, and reflecting! They help teach us lessons about life.  Many times these friends help to bring the best of us into reality.  This could be a  part that we might never know, had it not been for them.  To learn, to discover this, all we have to do is to be willing to learn the lesson, to make it a part of ourselves to that it will reflect in new relationships.  

Lifetime friends help to bring peace and much needed laughter in our lives, because of the ease we develop around them.  And they just may need to teach you something new, or tell you something you’ve never heard before.  With such closeness, these friends can give us so much joy in our lives, in our hearts that we really do need to show these precious friends, just how much we do love them!!!!!! 

I once read in a book, that if you can count good friends on one hand, then you have been a fortunate person.  Don’t think of all the wrong people you meet before meeting the right ones. Perhaps we supposed to meet first the wrong ones, in order to appreciate and be grateful for such a great gift as best friends are!!!! 

Real, true friends are like diamonds. They last in time!!! As diamonds are, best friends are forever! 


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  1. zaira says:

    I was looking forward to read your next work. Well done! Excellent and bravo! Small comment about friends….are the light in our lifes 🙂 Thank you Domenica for sharing with us your work, your time, your thoughts.

  2. Lil e says:

    I’m glad you mentioned diamond Domenica … did you know that the name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek ἀδάμας (adámas), “proper”, “unalterable”, “unbreakable”. It is the hardest natural material known. Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones.
    You are a treasured gemstone my friend!

    • Domenica says:

      That is a lovely comment my dearest friend Lil E and thank you for sharing with all. No I didnt know this about Diamond but I do now!!! You are very special to me and I am so glad you are in my life!!!! Wishing you always the very best!!! *hugs*

  3. Eleni Little Fairy says:

    Agapimeni mou , latremeni mou filenada some friends are for a lifetime:) Nomizw exw perasei kai apo ta tria stadia opws kai esi kai mporw me vevaiotita na metrisw sta daxtila tou enos xeriou tous filous for a lifetime:)Eisai spoydaia filenada mou kai xairomai apistefta pou oles aftes sou tis empeiries kai gnwseis tis zois mporeis twra na tis metadoseis kai se allous kai na fwtiseis gia ligo tis psixes kai ta xamogela toys opws kaneis esi gia mena tosa xronia twra…my Fairy fairy friend for a lifetime….to kalo pou sou thelwwww:):)

    • Domenica says:

      Elenya mou, eleni Little Fairy se efharisto gia ta omorfa sou logia. Ine poli simantiko na leme se aftous pou agapame kapia pragmata kata diastimata. Opos o gamos etsi kai oi kales dinates filies theloun doulia, theloun frontida alios o kipos tha maranthi. To pistevo akradanta afto kai mesa apo viomata, ohi mono theoria. Thelo na pistevo oti ime kalos ‘kipouros’ stous simantikous kipous tis zoes mou *smiles* to kalo pou mas thelo kai ego na frontizoume afto to toso o omorfo kipo etsi oste na ine gia lifetime! Sto heri mas ine!!!!!

  4. James says:

    Very true agapimeni mou – we have many people who come into our lives for a short while, but few who stay for a long while. As I read it once – that if if you die with only a few good friends in your life, you’ve lived a good life.

    • Domenica says:

      Agapimene mou JR thank you for your comments as it matters so much to me, what do you think of my writting. True, many people come into our lives but few stay for a long time. Sometimes we disappoint our friends and some other times, our friends might disappoint us. Thats life!

  5. Theodora Louca says:

    I remember my first day at school and no friends !! And you where the only one who came to talk to me and asked me to join you!! I’ll never forget that and even though I haven’t seen you for years, I still feel you as a true friend

    • Domenica says:

      Oh Dora mou … you do remember that? After all those years… wow. Well, I always believe that the greatest gift of all is LOVE and KINDNESS!!! xxxxx

  6. Theodora Louca says:

    Of course I remember! Thats how lost I felt in a new school with no friends! And that’s why You’ll always have a place in my heart! Xx

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