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   May 13

Everyday Wisdom…. by my favourite author Wayne W. Dyer

Behaviour is a much better barometer of what you are than words. 

Don’t let emotions immobilize you. View them as choices. 

Listen to those inner signals

that help you make the right choices- no matter what anyone thinks.


Love is giving, and it has nothing to do with

what you receive.


Live forgiveness

every day rather than just

talking about it on Sunday.


God will work with you,

not for you.


If you’re still following

A career path that you decided

Upon as a young person,

Ask yourself this question today:

Would I seek out the advice of a teenager

For vocational guidance?


You see

What you believe,

Rather than believe

What you see.


When you trust in yourself,

You trust in the wisdom

That created you.


When you judge others,

You don’t define them,

You define yourself.


What goes around

Comes around.


Whatever the question,

Love is the answer. 

Have a lovely afternoon! 


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