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   Jun 27

The “pie” of Freedom…

Money is generally not that important to me. Of course I need it as much as anyone else. Money is not generally a primary objective. Doing good, feeling good about oneself, peace of mind, the relief of pain and suffering – these are the things that matter to me! “Real freedom is having nothing. I […]

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   Jun 16

On The Road to Healing…

Time to time, people ask me. –        Why do you write those articles at your blog? Sometimes you are so blue…Really blue! And I tell them, that I use my blog and my writing, as a way to heal myself. Every time I feel homesick, every time, I need to share something I choose to […]

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   Jun 13

Η δύναμη της Τέχνης…

Painting oil on canvas “Mirage” by Salvador Dali. Painted in 1946  Όλοι έχουμε ασχολίες και αγαπημένες δραστηριότητες, τα λεγόμενα χόμπυς. Όλοι κάτι αγαπάμε να κάνουμε στον ελεύθερο μας χρόνο. Αν όχι, πρέπει να το βρούμε, είναι το καλύτερο κομμάτι της προσωπικής μας ζωής. Είναι ψυχική και σωματική υγεία, να έχουμε κάποια πράγματα που αγαπάμε να […]

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   Jun 04

The Hurricane of homesickness!

“She was sitting sad on a rock, trying to get rid of her legs. She was whispering to the sea, “Home, sweet home…”. She was once a mermaid, with a great life dream, to become one day a human. And when her dream, came alive, soon enough she wanted her tale back… the home she […]

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