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   Jun 16

On The Road to Healing…

HealTime to time, people ask me.

–        Why do you write those articles at your blog? Sometimes you are so blue…Really blue!

And I tell them, that I use my blog and my writing, as a way to heal myself. Every time I feel homesick, every time, I need to share something I choose to write. It is like a therapy to me, in many ways. And if you like writing, I absolutely recommended it. It works positively, to share your articles.

I don’t want to write only when I am happy and cheerful. I want to share my sadness too and my concerns. I believe that it’s true when people say, “misery likes company”! Nothing wrong with that. Let’s be honest about it. When you are feeling down, miserable, angry, sad… you don’t want to talk to happy people. Those moments, you need to know that you are not alone, that others suffers too… It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. It is a human nature, to need to see that you are not alone. That many other people have to go through some hard times and they have to deal with that, just like you do. So, when I feel despair or deep sadness – mostly out of being homesick – I write and I share my feelings. If you are too happy, don’t read me, you will get upset. But if you feel sad for any reason, you will find comfort in my words and you will feel better.

I always feel so much better, after I write an article. It works for me as a healing process. The spiritual healing process, is all about moving toward wellness and feeling better. Spiritual healing is more than just an idea or concept, it is also an active process. You need to be actively involved in your own healing on many levels. You need to be willing to do whatever it takes to create health and well-being. Fortunately, you don’t need to do this alone. Others can assist in many ways. But if for any reason you had to be alone for a while, there are ways to heal and feel better. You actually need to find your talents and through them, you will heal. That is why I write and I paint.

Today, no I am not sad today. Today I am just sharing my thoughts, about how I think misery works and how we can handle it. Nobody can be happy every single day. So, we all have some unhappy days, through life journey. And actually some of us, we might have to face extremely difficult problems. If we can be honest, about how we really feel certain times in life and care less of how others think of us, then we will already get rid of a great weight off our shoulders. First, we need to have the best possible relationship with our selves. And then we automatically, attract the right people towards us. The ones they don’t like us, the ones they don’t want our friendship, are actually the ones we don’t really want either, we just don’t know it right away. We cannot match with everyone, we all know that. It is impossible to like everyone around us and it is impossible that everyone will like us. But we can be nice and polite. Mostly, we can be kind to the ones we don’t like. What goes around, comes around, I strongly believe that.

After moving in Alaska, far away from my “world”, my family, my friends, my people, my language, I had to find ways to survive, to heal myself every time I was homesick or lonely or in despair. Of course I cried a lot of times – I still do but more rear – and at the same time, a part in me, was trying desperately to find good positive ways, to survive in my new life style. So, I paint a lot, I learn more techniques and I became better. I know I can get better and better by practicing. I continue my writing here at my blog and recently, I start writing in English language as well. Not only because I want to improve my English, but also I like to share my thoughts with my new friends they do not read Greek. I also, create my first ever balcony garden with flowers and some veggies. It is a great challenge to watch them growing so slowly. It takes a lot of patience and love to grow a garden. I know that now. But it teaches you something. It teaches you that, good things takes time. Wisdom takes time. If you can teach yourself to wait, you will gain anything you want.

So my dear friends, I try find things to heal myself. But beyond my hobbies and any type of activity I choose to do, the most important thing that I had to work on it and help myself, is acceptance. To accept my new world, my new environment, the new people, culture, weather, language… everything. And I realize that, by accepting everything around me, I found happiness. Nothing hurt us more, than resisting and fighting everyday life.

No matter what is your life scenario, if you really want to heal yourself, you will find the way and you will walk yourself again into the light. Trust me! But mostly, trust life and be positive.

The rest will happen.

Koula Rodosthenous Zajac


Some photos of my balcony.

I have a really small balcony, but a huge heart! We can do anything, with the power of Love!

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  1. Yiota Kyr says:

    koulitsa mou!!! 🙂

  2. Toulla says:

    My dearest friend Koula, I always love to read your stories, both sad and happy! Many of them as if they were written on my behalf!!!
    I love your small garden!! do not forget though that in front of your balcony you have the biggest garden on earth that you can enjoy all year round as it keeps changing “costumes”!!! 🙂 xx

    • Domenica says:

      Ohhh Toula mou how wonderful you describe everything. My biggest garden on earth that keeps changing costumes!!!!
      Well, as you were fortune enough to visit Alaska more than once, you know how gorgeous is here, the nature.
      You know how endless beauty is all around me. I will never be alone. Thank you for your lovely messages always and the time you take to write them. It is very much appreciated. xxxx

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